Catering Information and Terms Contract

Primal ‘Cue has two separate catering services the Nomad catering service And the Hearth catering service.

  1. A deposit of 50% must be made prior to all catering events. Payment in full is due the day of the event, prior to the meal being served or set up unless the client has made other billing arrangements with a catering specialist.
  2. A $300.00 charge is added to the full-service catering service called “The Rig Fee”.
  3. Customers are responsible for making sure there is a firm landing spot for the Rig to park.
  4. Menu selections and a firm guarantee of the number of guests are due a minimum of 14 days prior to the event.
  5. A delivery fee may be charged for delivery.
  6. We guarantee your “guest count” will be served. We supply an additional 10% for unexpected guests. If you know that your guests are heavy consumers, we suggest ordering larger quantities.
  7. For nomad and hearth catering events, the Primal ‘Cue Crew will show up 30 or minutes prior to the agreed time of the event to set it up and be gone by that agreed time.
  8. For full-service catering events, the Primal ‘Cue crew will arrive early enough to the event to properly set up the buffet and greet guests as they arrive in a professional manner. Our crew will serve your food for 1 hour and 30 minutes unless the client has made prior arrangements with the catering specialist. We do not provide guests tables, chairs, or linens.
  9. All catering events are “Rain or Shine and even Snow” affairs. It is the customer's responsibility to provide suitable shelter for the event and responsible for all snow and ice removal for the event in the event of inclement weather.
  10. Left-Over Food: All left-over food for your event will be left with the client (if desired) in sealed foiled pans tagged with specific safety and re-heating/refrigeration directions. Primal ‘Cue is not responsible for the safety and quality of said food after it leaves our supervision and care.
  11. Prices subject to change without notice unless the price has been guaranteed in writing and deposit has been received.
  12. Any use of venue fees or additional licenses is the customer's responsibility.


With the signature of this contract, the signed company representative or individual is responsible to abide by all the conditions listed above.


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Company Representatives or individual

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Catering Specialist- Primal ‘Cue