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Andrew “Grill Sergeant” Bajakian

Andrew is a United States Army Veteran that spent most of his time in service in the south. This is where Andrew fell in love with barbecue, as well as his wife Courtney. Shortly after exiting the Army Andrew and Courtney moved to Madison, Wisconsin to be close to family, and this is when Andrew decided to make a career change into the food service industry and began dreaming of one day owning his own business. He used his GI Bill to go back to school and obtained a double degree in Culinary Arts and Small Business Entrepreneurship from Madison College. While in school he entered and won first place in a business plan competition that laid the foundations for Primal Cue. Since graduating Andrew has gained experience in multiple Madison area restaurants and grew his family with Courtney with the birth of their son Archer. The Primal Cue rig was purchased from a custom builder in Kentucky in spring 2019 and the dream of owning a business became a reality.

Brandon “Tex” Bay

Brandon, “Tex”, Bay is co-owner of Primal Cue and no stranger to the flame. It’s safe to say smoke runs in his veins and flavor combinations dance in his dreams. It’s been that way his entire life.

Brandon first started his love of BBQ before reaching middle school and barely able to read a recipe card. At the age of 7, he can recall learning how to smoke turkeys on a PK King Cast Iron Grill with his dad at the hub for Thanksgiving. Under Papa Bay’s wise guidance, Brandon raised his BBQ game, smoking brisket next. “If you can smoke a brisket to perfection you can smoke any protein properly” he was told.

As the youngest of 3 kids (and the only boy), Brandon continued to grow his craft while also expanding his skills in the kitchen. At the young age of 14, he started working in the back of the house in a local restaurant. Little did he know this would be the start to his 30 plus year career in the industry (so far). You name it, Brandon has done it – bus boy and dishes, all levels of kitchen staff, waitstaff, bartender, management, owner, catering and consulting. And each of those roles has given Brandon the ability to see the entire picture. From the taste of the food to the way it’s presented and how his guests feel throughout their entire experience is top priority to him. Nothing falls through the cracks and this is apparent via each relationship he has shaped through his work. His sisters will tell you he got his personality from them.

Most recently, Brandon taught courses in the Culinary Department of Madison College in Menu Development, Cost Control and Advance Skills in the Kitchen. He is currently the Foodservice Manager at Select Specialty Hospital.

Brandon is just as blessed at home as he is with his skills in the kitchen. He has been married to the love of his life, Karen, for 16 years. They have two beautiful children, as well as Wrangler (their 4 paw kiddo). Brandon is an avid woodworker and craftsman building tables, furniture and home décor pieces that will be family treasures for generations to come. It seems his true talents come from this world’s most raw materials…wood.

41 years later, Brandon still owns that PK King Cast Iron Grill. There isn’t a time he cooks with wood on an open fire and cast iron that he doesn’t think of learning from his father. And now, he can pass all of this knowledge on to his own son, Charlie. Knowledge, tradition and passion. These are values Brandon is happy to bring to Primal Cue.