This menu is designed as an al a cate drop-off and go catering menu for buying in bulk. Food will be fully prepared and delivered at temperature.

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(All Proteins are sold by the Pound or the Each)

  • Smoked Chopped Brisket

    $22.99 Per Pound
  • Smoked Sliced Brisket

    $24.99 Per Pound
  • Smoked Beef Hot Link

    $9.99 Per Pound
  • Smoked Chopped Chicken

    $7.99 Per Pound
  • Smoked Chicken Leg Quarter

    $5.99 per Quarter
  • Smoked Chopped Pork

    $9.99 Per Pound
  • Smoked St. Louis-Style Spareribs Full Rack

    $29.99 Per Rack
  • Smoked St. Louis-Style Spareribs Half Rack

    $15.99 Per Half Rack
  • Vegan Seitan Ribs

    $11.99 Per Rack

Side Dishes

(All Sides are sold by the Pound)

  • BBQ Baked Beans

    $8.99 Per Pound
  • Creamy Coleslaw

    $5.99 Per Pound
  • Greens

    $7.99 Per Pound
  • Mac & Cheese

    $8.99 Per Pound
  • Potato Salad

    $6.99 Per Pound
  • Primal Corn

    $5.99 Per Pound

Sauces $8.99 Per Pint

(All Sauces are sold by the Pint)

  • Traditional Sweet Barbecue Sauce

  • Mustard Barbecue Sauce

  • Alabama White Sauce

  • Vinegar Barbecue Sauce


(All breads are sold by the Dozen)

  • Corn Bread Muffins With honey butter

    $6.99 Per Dozen
  • Buns

    $9.99 Per Dozen

Set-Ups & Services

(All Set-Ups are sold by the Each)

  • Plates, Utensils & Napkins

    $1.99 Per Person
  • Chafing Dish with Fuel (ask about Renting)

    $27.99 Per Chafer
  • Serving Utensils

    $2.99 Per Utensil