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Primal’Cue Beginnings

In 2011, while serving in the Army and stationed in Georgia, Andrew, a passionate BBQ enthusiast, developed a deep affection for southern BBQ. Inspired by this newfound love, he acquired a small home smoker and embarked on a journey to master the art of BBQ. Alongside conducting online research, Andrew sought guidance from local BBQ enthusiasts and neighbors, eager to learn more about this culinary tradition.  Meanwhile, Brandon Bay, a seasoned food industry professional with 37 years of experience, has honed his skills since the tender age of 7. He learned the art of smoking and grilling while standing beside his father’s PK Grill on the weekends when his father was home from his weekly road job. Brandon’s vast experience spanned various roles in the industry, from cook and server to bartender, manager, general manager, Director of Operations, Customer Develop Specialist with a broad-line food supplier, and even a part-time instructor in the Culinary Program at Madison College, where he was an esteemed alumnus.  In 2013, Andrew proposed to his girlfriend, Courtney, and they decided to relocate to Madison, Wisconsin, in pursuit of a closer connection to their families. However, upon exploring the local BBQ scene, Andrew was dissatisfied with the offerings. His passion for BBQ and Courtney’s encouragement made him feel compelled to change.


In 2015, Andrew enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at Madison College (MATC) to further his culinary education and refine his skills. During this time, he forged a friendship with Brandon Bay, one of his instructors, who shared his deep love for BBQ. Andrew and Brandon believed Madison was missing an authentic representation of Southern BBQ. Andrew developed a concept and menu for Primal’Cue with Brandon’s support and encouragement.  Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship, Andrew joined the Small Business Entrepreneurship Program, where he had the opportunity to transform the Primal’Cue idea into a robust business plan. During this period, one of Andrew’s teachers urged him to participate in the Madison College Challenge, a competition for aspiring small business owners to present their plans to a panel of professionals and college instructors. Through dedication and fine-tuning of his business plan, Andrew emerged as the competition winner, validating the viability of Primal’Cue.  Upon graduating in 2018, Andrew delved deeper into the industry, working at various establishments to enhance his knowledge of the business side of the culinary world. During this time, he reencountered Brandon, who had also left Madison College and returned to work in a kitchen at a local brew pub. With their shared schedules and a common vision for the future, Brandon approached Andrew after a particularly challenging day, proposing they leap together.  By the end of that week, Andrew and Brandon ordered a custom smoker from Kentucky, solidifying their commitment to their culinary dreams. They successfully catered their first event in just a month, serving 140 people and receiving rave reviews. Fueled by its stellar reputation, word-of-mouth recommendations, and the support of the Facebook platform, Primal’Cue experienced exponential growth. They expanded their operations to include two mobile smokers, becoming a sought-after choice for corporate events ranging from 100 to 5000 attendees.  As they celebrated their fourth anniversary in June 2023, Andrew and Brandon are thrilled to embark on the next chapter of Primal’Cue’s journey. 

Further establishing Primal’Cue as a beacon of authentic Southern BBQ in Madison, Wisconsin.